The name Unica indicates the debt consolidation solution offered by Hardwork Nature Finance. It is a product aimed at helping those who have various loans already in place and who wish to make it easier to manage the due dates and repay the installments themselves by merging them into a single loan and having only the repayer in Hardwork Nature.


What does it allow you to do?

What does it allow you to do?

Let’s recap: as debt consolidation, Unica di Hardwork Nature, allows you to pay off the loans already in progress with other banks or financial companies in advance, to have only one loan with this bank of the Lendlink group. So there is an immediate benefit, which is given by the relief of having only one deadline per month to be repaid (even more useful if the repayment of the loans took place not with a bank account but with a postal bulletin).

In addition, by carefully choosing the duration, it is also possible to obtain a single installment whose amount is less than the sum of the installments that were previously repaid monthly and therefore economically easier to sustain.



debt condition

Although the information sheet is not available online, Hardwork Nature does provide some information related to its debt consolidation solution. In particular, on 10 October 2018, the following specific and/or general characteristics and/or advantages are available on the official website:

  • from the moment in which all the necessary documentation requested is delivered, rapid delivery times;
  • aged between eighteen and seventy years to proceed with the request;
  • maximum amount limit of up to $ 30 thousand;
  • customization of quotes and solutions, according to the amounts and economic needs.

For the latter aspect, we cannot even identify general economic conditions advertised on the site. To obtain need information, it is necessary to request a quote directly from Hardwork Nature. An operation that for some time can also be carried out online.


Request for quote and loan?

Request loan

That said, using the tool on the site (accessible by clicking on “Calculate your installment”) you can get a rough idea of ​​the economic conditions applicable also to the Hardwork Nature debt consolidation request. It is a simple procedure to use as it is enough:

  • indicate the amount you would like to ask for (provided it is between 5 thousand and 30 thousand dollars);
  • select the ‘ideal’ installment amount;
  • click on the red “Calculate” button.

In our case we have chosen 20 thousand dollars and an installment equal to about 350 dollars. The tool is accessible to everyone, customers and non-customers, much less login or access to a personal area.


What does it take to apply for funding?

debt consolidation

The debt consolidation loan for Hardwork Nature or another bank or financial institution imposes as a first condition the existence of loan installments already in progress. As mentioned, however, it is necessary that the applicant is also an adult but is not over 70 years old and has Italian residence (and not necessarily citizenship). Resident foreigners must be able to show an unexpired residence card.

When making an appointment by telephone, the operator generally remembers the documents that must necessarily be brought from the first meeting. These are indicatively represented by:

  • an identification document (driving license, passport and identity card are all fine);
  • the tax code or health card (as already said for foreigners also the residence card);
  • the documents certifying the income which are the paycheck for employees, the pension slip for pensioners, while for the self-employed the Unico model and the receipt certifying the payment of taxes has been requested.


Delivery and refund

refund loan

The sum granted is not paid to the applicant, but it is Hardwork Nature that extinguishes the other loans which it replaces with Unica. For reimbursement, on the other hand, it is possible to choose between a bank rid, or the payment of postal slips.

NB The reimbursement of the bulletins must also include the cost for each payment, so the APR will tend to be slightly higher.